Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2012

This Readme contains important information about Revit ® Architecture 2012 that may not be included in Help.

This document was last updated on March 7th, 2011.


Installation and Configuration

Before you install Revit Architecture 2012, close all applications.

DirectX Installation Using SCCM

DirectX installations using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 fail on systems running Microsoft Windows XP. Before installing with SCCM, download and install DirectX 9 from your Revit Architecture 2012 installation disc to one of the following directories:


VC++ Runtime Installation Using SCCM Forces Reboot

VC++ runtime installations using SCCM 2007 fail on systems running Microsoft Windows XP. Before installing with SCCM, download and install VC++ 2008 SP1 runtime from your Revit Architecture 2012 installation disc to one of the following directories, depending on your processor:





Custom Folder in Deployments

In the Revit Architecture 2012 Deployment Wizard the Path for Configurable Folders allows you to specify a custom folder in which to copy support content.

If you specify a folder location that has Read Only permission at the user level according to the Microsoft Vista User Access Control, then Revit Architecture may become unstable. To avoid this, ensure that you have Write permission on your Microsoft Vista machine when creating your deployment with the Custom Folder option.

Single Share Folder Option for Deployment Images

When using the Single Shared Folder option to create a deployment image, specify a folder name to avoid creating an invalid deployment image. Do not leave the folder name as <Shared folder path>.


Running a Network License Manager on Microsoft Windows Vista

When starting the network version of Revit Architecture 2012 on a Microsoft Windows Vista workstation, you may encounter licensing error -15 if the Network License Manager is running on Windows Vista (FLEXlm server version 11.4.100).

Do the following:

Install the latest service pack and updates for Microsoft Windows Vista.

If you continue to encounter errors, do the following:

On the Start menu (Windows Vista), click Control Panel Network and Sharing Center Manage Network Connections. Right-click Local Area Connection. Click Properties. Clear the check box for Internet Protocol 6 (TCP/IPv6). Click OK.

FLEXlm License is Created in Two Locations

The FLEXlm License Finder dialog box may not display when Revit Architecture 2012 is started for non-administrative users who are using Windows Vista 64-bit. The license server path information is stored in the HLKM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node path, which is not accessible to non-administrative users.

To fix this problem, replicate the license server path information stored in the above path to go to the HKLM\software\FLEXlm License Manager path.

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You are invited to help guide the direction of Autodesk design software.

If you participate in the Customer Involvement Program (CIP), specific information about how you use Revit Architecture is forwarded to Autodesk. This information includes what features you use the most, problems that you encounter, and other information helpful to the future direction of the product.

See the following links for more information.

When you join, you will be able to view reports that can help you optimize your use of Revit Architecture.

To turn the CIP on or off

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The first task you need to complete is to make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. If your system does not meet these requirements, problems can occur, both within Revit and at the operating system level.

Whether your Windows operating system is the 32-bit or the 64-bit version, the version is automatically detected during installation. The appropriate version of Revit is installed. A 64-bit version of Revit cannot be installed on a 32-bit system and vice-versa.

Refer to the online hardware and software requirements.

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Refer to the online Revit Architecture 2012 Known Issues document

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To uninstall Revit Architecture 2012 (Windows XP)

To uninstall Revit Architecture 2012 (Windows Vista or Windows 7)

To uninstall Autodesk Material Library 2012

If you have other Autodesk products installed, do NOT uninstall Material Libraries.

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